"It's not about us. It's about the client. It's about the hair. It's about the experience."

With Kim Du Salon, owner veteran stylist Kim Du has created a calm, sunny, intimate oasis - a boutique hair salon focused on client care in the heart of Toronto's stylish Yorkville area.

Each visit begins with a consultation where everything from the client's lifestyle to professional environment and weekend activities are taken into account. The goal is to give each client a cut that suits all facets of their life.

Kim draws inspiration from the most current trends in fashion and design. Rather than believing that everyone has to look a certain way, Kim believes that he can do even the most classic cuts and colors with a modern touch that makes it comfortable and wearable for the client, but with just that little extra that gives the look a feeling of being current.

It is a combination of passion for hair styling, an understanding of style and fashion and client-centred care that is the vision behind Kim Du Salon.